Dear friends and loved ones,

With your overwhelming support, SLICE was a hit when it started back in 2008. However, due to various unforeseen challenges over the years, we have painfully decided to pull the plug. SLICE will officially cease it's operation sometime in mid Aug this year, and on 7 Aug (Sat), we will be having a "Good Bye" promotion that offers a free SLICE t-shirt (while stock lasts) for every $4.50 spent. Whoever you are: customers, ex-crew, current crew, bloggers, the media people, friends and families, we will definitely remember your support, and with the free SLICE t-shirts, we hope you can remember SLICE too. It's really ironical that these t-shirts were printed for an official opening launch that never took place....

Anyways, hope to see all of you on 7 Aug!

the SLICE team

singtel grid girl loves SLICE

One of the SingTel Grid Girls, Mandy, loves to have some SLICE after dinner. Check out the full article here.

Mandy, SLICE loves you too!

lovely gift from lovely customer

A customer made this out of serviettes and a cup from Starbucks for SLICE. This is very sweet.

lianhe zaobao (联合早报) 15 aug 2009

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citta bella (都会佳人) aug 2009

A million thanks to Li Teng (李腾) who recommended us to Citta Bella magazine. Please click on the image above to have a better view of the article.

ultimate summer fling! - SOLD OUT

The launch of Ultimate Summer Fling was a great success. The Irwin Mangoes were suppose to last for a week though the weekend but it was all used up within 4 days. Thanks so much to those who came down to try it (and thanks to Irwin Mangoes as well).

ultimate summer fling!

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